Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday Wishlist ★ ☆

Hey and welcome to my new readers / followers!

I haven't blogged for 2 days, life got in the way as it can sometimes, so I would like to apologise for that. I'm back now though!
I have decided to commit myself to a weekly Wednesday Wishlist (now there's a tongue twister in the making!). It will include products that I am loving at the moment & would be my next purchases if I had a never-ending supply of money.

First on my list is:
White Nail Polish

I don't even have a preference over brand for this, I just don't own any plain white polish as the one I had went bad. While its not something I would wear on its own, its great to use as a base to make colours more vibrant.
 Biker Jacket

I really want a leather biker jacket and this one has the added bonus of a heart pattern on the back. The Heartbreaker Jacket costs £180 from TopShop.

Hair Straighteners
Again, I don't have a preference over brand, but these BaByliss 2098U Elegance Metallic Purple Straighteners have REALLY good reviews on Amazon. I have learned the hard way not to just buy any old straighteners and they are definitely one item I like to be picky about. My last ones were GHD's (which went "walkies") and they will take some beating. To be honest I haven't had a very good history with BaByliss so I'm a bit wary whether these will be any different. There is also a newer model out which doesn't have as high a rating so I am really confused over which ones to get.

Thats pretty much it at the moment! I would really appreciate it if you could recommend some products to me that fit my wishlist.


  1. I love white nail polish too. My favorite brand so far is Sally Hansen's INSTA-DRI in Whirlwind. It's so easy to apply and goes on evenly with only one coat.

    Thanks for following my blog, Im following back. Nice blog :))


  2. I see it as an essential colour to have, and of all the polishes I have, I can't believe I don't own one at the mo!
    Thanks for following it means a lot xx

    1. The Sally Hansen is great if you want a stark white polish. If you want a milky white, for layering glitter and such, Essie Marshmallow is awesome.

    2. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely take a look at those! x

  3. That biker jacket is gorgeous! Lusting after it now! xox

    1. Same here, I think my boyfriend would kill me if I bought it! x


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