Thursday, 1 March 2012

Claire's Surprise Bag

A pinch & a punch for the first of the month!

I recently went to my local Claire's the other day and picked up a lucky bag. You get 10 random items from sale stock for £5, so that's a fairly reasonable 50p per item. They used to be just £3 but it was obviously only a matter of time before the price went up. These mystery bags seem to get quite a frosty reception (as does the store itself!) from some people and they won't be to everyone's taste. If you would rather have a choice over your items it would be better to purchase them when they are on the sale. For me though, I like the surprise, the chance to have products I probably wouldn't buy otherwise and if I don't like something for myself, I give them as presents. Sometimes things need minor repairs, usually just a blob of glue to stick something back down. Here is what I got:

White Hat - £10+
Knitted Headwrap - £5
Flower Headband - £4.50
Black Alice Band - £3.50
6 Bow Clips - £4.50
Stud Earrings - £4.50
Hoop Earrings - £5
Trainer Necklace - £5.50
Long Necklace - £5.50
Peppa Pig Bracelets and Ring - £4

Obviously these prices are the original prices and not the sale prices, also the hat did not have a price tag but hats are usually around £14 - £18, but the total comes to £52+ so not bad for a fiver!

Those are my personal faves. I have had these many times before and I have had better but I've had much worse too. You win some, you lose some.

DISCLAIMER: I bought this myself with my own cash. I have not been paid or otherwise rewarded for this post. Opinions are my own :-) 


  1. I love surprises! I was addicted to these when i was younger, lived near a discount store and they did these for a pound at one point, i bought millions. x

    1. £1? Wow, I would buy the lot hehe! I used to buy more when I was younger but I got too old for them *sob sob* Its not often I go in there anymore x

  2. wow ur blog is fab !!! i love it <3 im currently following (: hopefully u can pass by my blog & leave comments or even follow,


    1. Thanks :) I shall take a look! x

  3. Great post thanks for sharing

  4. new follower from Beautylish! I love those earrings, i haven't shopped at claires in such a long time, but i remember i loved them in highschool

    1. Hehe I'm too old for Claire's really but if I see the surprise bags, I usually get one. I can't wait til my sister is old enough so I can get loads of lovely accessories for her x

  5. Wow, you got alot of cute things. I like the hair accessories. Following you as well!


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