Saturday, 4 February 2012

Big Skincare Mystery??

Hiya, I've got a bit of a strange post for you today, and some of you have probably heard of this already as it is a big (and very clever) marketing campaign for an unknown product by an unknown skincare company!

All will be revealed 01/03/12!!

The product can be used as a face wash or face mask and that's all the info they will give us!

They are giving everyone a chance to send off for a free sample on their Facebook Page (link here)  All you have to do is 'like' the page then click the sample & review tab and enter your details.  They should be shipped out next week so the idea is you get to try it before you even know what it is or how much it costs.

Personally I think this is so clever!! It will be interesting to find out what its like and it will be refreshing to know that I am judging a product by its performance and not for what its brand name. Some lucky people have already tried this mystery product and there are lots of theories over who is behind this. I really hope the product is amazing and turns out to be a big surprise rather than one of the more obvious suspects. (Kinda like the SuBo of the skincare industry!)

So what are you waiting for? Go and order your free sample and join in with the Big Skincare Mystery!!

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