Thursday, 16 February 2012

Adele Inspired Nails!

Well hello there! A couple of days ago I did a post on Adele's Grammy Awards style and those awesome nails she had. Well... now I have created my own version of them! I noticed a lot of people commenting on Adele's manicure elsewhere on the net, and they were saying how it must be so difficult to get the brush behind the nail to paint it.

The answer is simple. You don't have to! Well if you have short natural nails anyway that is. If you use fake nails, you can paint the back of the nail before you glue it on.
I used short, European, full coverage nails in a natural finish. Here is the finished look:

Please excuse the ill-fitting nails, and the fact that you can see my natural nails at the back. I glued them on with PVA glue just to take the photo then peeled them straight off. If I was actually going to wear these nails for longer than 5 mins, I would trim my natural nails back, file the false nails to a better shape and use proper nail glue!

This was quite simple to make.

  1.  I used Catherine Arley Holographic Nail Polish in shade 667, I used 2 coats.
  2. Then, I painted the back of the nail from the tip to just under halfway down in MUA shade 15 (the one from my secret valentine) I would advise using some of those white guide stickers if you have some. I couldn't find mine as you can see by the messy painting but you get the idea.  
  3. Then, I added some holographic glitter from my nail art pen haul  to the front of the nail where the pink was showing through. 
  4. Finally, I added some MUA clear polish (shade 17) on top of the glitter to make it extra sparkly. I didn't apply this to the whole nail as holographic polish is best left as it is. 

In this case, I wanted the pink to show through slightly at the front but if you didn't want this to happen, you would either use a completely opaque colour or paint the front of the nail white as a base. If you do acrylic or gel nails, you could just use coloured tips and then completely paint the front of the nail for the same effect.

. It is very difficult to photograph holo polishes / glitters so in real life this looks absolutely stunning and so sparkly, much better than in the photos. I hope you enjoyed this post, here is another photo to finish off with that really shows off the holographic polish as much as I could get it to:

When I come to actually wear these, I will probably do a follow-up.

DISCLAIMER: All products used here were bought by me :-) 


  1. this looks really cool, reckon it would go terribly wrong if I tried it though ha!

    1. You should give it a go, I'm rubbish at stuff like this but practice makes perfect xx

  2. Hello my darling!!
    Not related to this post but saw that you had a greed to join the Peace Love and Lush Products campaign, and I just wanted to say a big thankyou! I only started it a few days ago and It's already going down really well because of lovely ladies like yourself!!
    If you could even stretch to doing a post on it you would be an absolute goddess and if you could even link it back to the original post so people can read exactly why I set it up that would be phenomenal!
    Peace and Love, Bea @


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