Monday, 13 February 2012

Adele at the Grammy Awards!

I am just here for a flying visit today but as soon as I saw the pictures I knew I had to post about her.

What an inspiration this lady is! She totally stole the show in more ways than one. She did her first performance since she had throat surgery, she won a whopping SIX awards, she looked absolutely stunning in a sparky Giorgio Armani dress and in great shape and then there were her double sided nails (which also matched her Christian Louboutin Fifi shoes:

Mmm shoe porn! 
See? Silvery and glittery on top and red underneath. I want NEED these in my life! With a price tag of $ 3,395 , which at the time of writing is £2,160.54, I can only dream. Looks like I will have to settle for the manicure instead!

The top side is a silvery and glittery polish, not just any glitter either, it full of holographic goodness. And the underside is bright red polish. Both polishes are from Ciate and the look was created by Mike Pocock.

Left: Ciate - Jewel  / Right: Ciate - Mistress

Jewel is painted on top of the nail and Mistress is painted on the back. Each polish retails for £9 on the Ciate website

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