Thursday, 23 February 2012

Another Nail Polish Post ....... with a twist!

I have been messing around with nail polishes AGAIN! Here are some of the ones I used:

The difference this time is that I didn't paint my nails with them. I actually painted these:

These glass pebbles were from Wilko, and the whole bag only cost £1. They also sell a similar bag at Asda, also priced at £1.

To start with, I gave all of the stones a little clean and painted the flat side with one coat of top coat (the kind usually used on your nails). This has to be totally dry before you can continue. Then I started painting designs on them with nail polish. You can layer in the same way you would on your nails but you have to apply the colours in the opposite order you would normally, so if you are using crackle polish, you put that first, before the colour you want to show through underneath. It is really important to make sure the nail polish is totally dry between coats or it will smudge / stay tacky. I then finished off with a black nail polish to cover up the bottom and make the colours "pop".

Here are my results:

I also did some that glow in UV light:

You can make these into jewellery if you have the thingys  findings to glue onto them, use them to decorate a box or photo frame with or just leave them as they are. I am waiting for my jewellery findings to arrive so I will do an update when they are here. I love the idea of making them into rings because then you can match them with your manicure. Like this:

I had to just balance the pebble on my finger like how a ring would sit but you get the idea hehe.

So what do you think? Is this something you will be trying?

DISCLAIMER: All products used here were bought by myself with my own money.


  1. hey, great idea! I'll try it :)

    1. I would love to see a picture if you do! x

  2. Just found your blog through Monday beauties blog hop. New Follower! :)

    Cute idea... You could even glue some magnets on the back and make them into cute magnets for your fridge.


    1. Thanks :) I think I'll definitely be making some magnets, especially when my son is old enough to draw me some pictures to go on the fridge hehe x


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