Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Most Wanted: Nail Polish Wishlist!

Hey, hope you're all having a fabulous weekend so far!
Today, I am going to share my nail polish wishlist with you, its nowhere near complete but hey, we have to start somewhere, right?

I don't own any of these (yet!) so pictures are all borrowed from some lucky people who already have these in their lives!

These lovlies are Milani Jewel FX - I want them all!

Maybelline Mirror Image

Stargazer Chrome Silver

Essence Nail Art Twins

Essence Special Effect Topper

Nfu Oh 41 - 60 (flakies)

Nfu Oh 61 - 80 (holos)

Gosh Rainbow

Gosh 549 (Holographic)

Jessica Hologram Chic

Nabi Star Glitter. Nabi make loads of chunky and funky shaped glitter polishes so I really want the whole collection hehe but do you think I can find anywhere that sells them? Nope. 

That is all I can think of right now, I ordered another 24 polishes yesterday! (I know, I know,  I have a problem!)
If you know where I can find any of these or even something similar,  please, please get in touch and let me know where I can get them! I am in the UK ,by the way. Also, if you know of another polish that deserves a place on here, please let me know as I am always looking for new nail polish!!


  1. wow I love the milani nail polish!!
    I am a new follower :) xx

    1. Thanks, me too! I am trying to get hold of some but not having much luck. I need to find somewhere that will ship to the UK and not rob me blind with postage fees!

  2. Great nail polishes. Never can have too much glitter!

    1. Thanks, I didn't have much glitter before so I decided to update my collection a bit :-) xx

  3. wow a lot of beautiful polishes there! I have GOSH holo but thats it x

    1. You have GOSH holo!!!?? You lucky lady! I am so jealous! I want it but they are so expensive on eBay! xx

  4. Anonymous9:26 am

    i bought three of the essence toppeers and they are INCREDIBLE! and CHEAP!

  5. Fab post!
    Found you through BlogHop


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