Saturday, 17 March 2012

Haul Unboxing

I had a delivery today nice and early this morning, I was expecting one package to come yesterday as I already arranged with Royal Mail for them to deliver on that day. I waited in all day and they didn't turn up. They didn't even let me know so I was a bit annoyed by that. It finally turned up today though so all is forgiven (almost). Mini rant over, phew! 

I had 3 lovely packages today, you may notice in the photo above I kinda cheated and opened the box, I wasn't gonna include that in this post but I changed my mind.

This is a set of 4 eyebrow stencils, they were 99p including delivery from eBay.

Here they are, I know the picture is bad as the stencils are clear but they have the markings on them so you can match them up easily with the angle of your natural brows.

This is what was in the box, its loads of magnets to use with magnetic nail polish. I actually sell these on but I thought you might like to see the different styles available:

They work with any magnetic nail polish so its nice to be able to do different patterns now.

Next is the package that should of arrived yesterday..

It was very well wrapped in lots of bubble wrap.

*in Aussie accent* Can you tell what it is yet?
Ta-da! L.A Colors haul!

Left to right: 
Energy Source NP402
Atomic NP420
Exotic Pink NP434
Lightning NP422
Nuclear Energy NP417

Left to right:
Electrified NP408
Live NP409
Tropical Storm NP439
Goddess NP442
Left to right:
Treasure Island NP444
Aqua Crystals NP448
Glistening Purple NP445
Left to right:
Voltage NP401 (clear)
Sparkling Diamonds NP446
Star Light NP443
Jewel Tone NP447
Sassy Sparkle NP441 
I also got Saffron Speckle in Gold and Silver (these were the closest things to the Milani Jewel FX I could find in the UK) It will be interesting to see if they perform.
Look at the shape of the bottles though, is it just me that thinks they are a bit weird different?
This is the one I am most excited about , Technic - Carnival!

The nail polishes were from
For all 20 nail polishes & delivery, they cost me £26.40. Not bad! 

Oh , I forgot to mention, they also threw in a free gift in the shape of 5 make-up bags:
I love the way these were packaged - a bag in a bag in a bag in a bag in a bag!

That is everything that I got so as always, I would love to hear what you think of them!

DISCLAIMER: Everything included in this post was bought and paid for by myself. Except for the bags which were a free gift for spending over £20!


  1. loving the look of the nail vanish :)

  2. OMG how many L.A. nail polish you've got! :P
    so jealous of the glitters nail polish!
    I want them all!
    I got similar brows stencils from e.l.f. , wish i looked on ebay first lol
    great post, following you xx

  3. Ooolala great collection of L.A. Colors.. I bought a mini haul from the make up bag also you can check out my blog if you like :)

    I also got sparkling diamonds which I have worn .. Word of warning its a complete buggeroo to get off LOL. I had it over some red polish by elf & when I decided to take it off it literally took me around 10+ mins pair hand.. All the red came off whilst sparkling diamonds wouldn't budge :O I had to scrap it off :(

    Great blog :) <3


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