Friday, 2 March 2012

11 Questions Tag

I found the 11 Questions Tag on Cutie Beauty's blog.

The rules: 

  • Mention / Link to the person who tagged you
  • Post 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions 
  • Create a new set of 11 questions
  • Choose 11 people and tag them (make sure you link them below and comment on their blog or something to let them know!)
11 Facts about me
  1. I will be 25 this year! Eek!
  2. I am a bit of a gamer, although I don't really get time for it anymore.
  3. I really want to go swim with dolphins. I did it once already but I loved it so much, I want to do it again.
  4. I used to have a love for piercings. I had my ears done 3 times, nose, lip. belly button but now I don't wear any of them.
  5. I have been on TV a couple of times, in the audience for Trisha, the Frank Skinner Show and on Hollyoaks in the background while they were filming in Chester city centre. We went straight from doing this to walking into Burger King and the manager came out, greeted us and gave us free food. He obviously thought we were part of the actual crew. Oops!
  6. I am scared of needles. REALLY scared. Even though I have had piercings and been through childbirth.
  7. I have seen Cliff Richard, James Brown, Spice Girls, B*witched, Steps, Boyzone perform live *blushes*
  8. My first ever nail polish was by Spectacular.
  9. I went to see Good Charlotte live, my friend had a panic attack, we had to leave the gig early but we ended up meeting the guys after the show. I still have their autographs.
  10. My baby sister was born just 3 weeks before my son!
  11. Every Christmas, when my Nan was alive, we used to spend Christmas Day playing pranks on each other all day. I bought scratchcards for the whole family but I gave my Nan a prank winning one. She thought she had won £10,000 until she read the back of it. Luckily she saw the funny side! 

My 11 questions answered
1. What's your top 3 beauty items?  
Clear Lipgloss, Gel Eyeliner, Baby Oil
2. Favorite place to get makeup?
It depends what I am looking for. If its foundation then I prefer going to a physical store where I can try them to get a shade match first. For anything else I prefer online, usually eBay or Amazon as there is just so much choice. 
3. Favorite hair product of all time?
Without a doubt this has to be Directions White Toner - I bleach my hair and it gets rid of any unwanted brassy or yellow tones - yellow does not suit my skin tone at all!
4. What is your hobby?
I guess my blog is my hobby! As is shopping, soapmaking and general DIY crafts. Oh and nail art too! 
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
I am going to be greedy and pick 3 answers, all for different reasons. a) Norway - It looks like a beautiful country and I need to see the Northern Lights. b) USA, probably California to be specific - the shopping is amazing and you can still buy lucky charms cereal there! c) Brazil - They have the best nail polishes around. I would like to have a house in each place so I want a change of scenery I can just go. Maybe one day if I win the lotto haha... 
6. Favorite makeup brand?
MUA!! I have only just discovered MUA so I have lots more to do.
7. Favorite Disney character?
Minnie Mouse! Lets face it, she is the queen bee!
8. Favorite eyeshadow pallet?
The generic 120 palette, theres just so many shades, its great for experimenting with colour.
9. Favorite musician?
Babyshambles, Good Charlotte, Greenday , Muse
10. Favorite movie?
The Nightmare Before Christmas and Twilight (I know, I know!)
11. Favorite season?
Spring. Not too hot, not too cold and we appreciate when it is warm more at this time of year. Its a great time for fashion too. 

My 11 questions for YOU!

  1. What made you start blogging?
  2. If you could only keep one beauty product, what would it be?
  3. What was your biggest fashion disaster?
  4. Name you last beauty purchase.
  5. Do you remember your first make-up purchase? If so what was it?
  6. Tell us a funny story.
  7. What's your favourite song at the moment?
  8. Briefly describe your everyday beauty look
  9. Name one thing you plan to do this year.
  10. What's your favourite TV show?
  11. Who inspires you the most?

Lastly, here are the people I have tagged ( I do apologise if you have been given this tag already):

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  1. thankyou for the tag im sure ive done something like this before but i will do this one aswel! nice blog :) xx

    1. Sorry if you have already done it, hopefully the questions are a bit different! Thanks for taking part xx


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