Sunday, 30 October 2011

Goodies I bought today!

Today I went shopping (with a budget of £20) and this is what I came back with:

15 piece silicone baking set
I actually bought 2 of these! One for cooking with (I think a butterfly cake will look awesome) and one for crafting. I'm either gonna try it with resin casting or soap making so I'll give an update sometime in the near future so you can see what I end up making!

Thomas Fleece Blanket
I couldn't go shopping without getting something for my little one so I got him a new blanket. His name also happens to be Thomas so it literally has his name all over it.
50 Bobbles
I was desperately in need of some new bobbles so I picked up these funky looking ones. I love the rainbow colours!
3 x Nail Art Laquers 
I did get some of these a while back in pink shades and so I went back and got these. I love how the brushes allow you to do nail art designs or a full plain colour without needing to swap brushes. They are good but you need to use a good top coat with them. These ones are by Angel Cosmetics so they are nothing too fancy but they do the job!

Centipede Sparkly Bag Charm
This caught my eye because of how sparkly it is and I'd never seen a centipede bag charm before. Its nice to have something a bit "different" for a change.

Long Ribbon Bag Charm
Next up was this bag charm. It's my favourite purchase of the day. Its really long too and it spruces up my boring plain looking bag rather nicely.

Last but not least, I bought a long black open cardigan. I didn't get a photo of this as you all know what they look like I buy these quite often in lots of different styles and colours and I wear them nearly every day.

So thats it, and it cost me £19 in all!

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