Friday, 28 October 2011

It's Skittles, but not as we know them!

So today I am doing my first ever review, yay! So a week(ish) ago I won a bag of skittles Crazy Cores from a Facebook game, and now that they have arrived safely I am going to review them!

So, it seems that these have been available in the US for some time as lots of those American food import sites sell them but now they are available in UK shops too!
This is what I received

Details of flavours

My first thoughts are that the packaging looks nice and bright, and the sweets look like regular skittles in size and shape.

There are 5 flavours. However, I think the flavour choices should have more variety. We have Lemon and Lemonade which I would think are basically the same thing, and then there's Watermelon and Melon, which again are very similar in taste. I get that they are trying to be different here and use a combination or flavours not usually seen in sweets, but I do think they could of made them better.

The other issue is that inside the middle of the sweets they are supposed to be different colours (left to right): yellow, pink, yellow, pink, green. You can just about notice a colour difference in the two end sweets but not really in the rest.  This doesn't really bother me though, as when I normally eat Skittles, I don't bite bits off to check what colour they are, I just eat them whole! :-)

Now for the taste test:
Blue Rasberry & Lemon tastes just like regular lemon  skittles to me but I still like it. I would of liked if the blue rasberry was stronger.
Mango & Peach tastes just as you would expect and I do like this flavour, although I wouldn't want to eat too many.
Cherry & Lemonade tastes just like the cocktail cherries you get in jars. Yum, I love cherries, and I'm actually glad that I can't taste the Lemonade flavour here.
Strawberry & Watermelon.. for me, they ruined the best Skittle of all time here! My favourite Skittle ever is the regular red strawberry one but I hate the flavour of Watermelon!
Melon & Berry actually tastes like pear drops to me, which is a good thing!

To summarise, they are edible, and overall I did like them. I would buy them if I saw them in a shop, but you just can't beat the original Skittles!

P.S I got my free bag from  but this ends today, so if you are quick, you might just be able to grab one!

DISCLAIMER: These were a free sample. This does not affect my opinion and I have not been paid for this post.

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